Saturday, 17 June 2017

The art of sabr and you.

I learn a lot from you. I really do.

Even though our encounter always start and end with silence, I love it.

It does not utter words, but it speaks what's inside our heart and mind very well.

I don't know how we could do that.

Maybe because of the good intentions and acts you possessed, it contains barakah.

The amount of respect I earn from you is unimaginable.

Some might interpret it as ignorance, unromantic or dull.

But I call it as the pure act of love, lillahita'ala.

I think I know reasons behind of your choices, actions and silence.

I believe all of it bounds by the fear and love to you Creator. Our Creator.

Sometimes I could not fathom, how patience you can be, all these while.

I need to learn the art of sabr from you, I really do. 

I know you're not perfect, wrap in boundless of weaknesses and faults. But that does not make you any less human. Human err, so do I. 

Though the future, sometimes seems bleak, vague and unpredictable, I suppose it is because I lean of my hopes solely to my efforts, to other human.

But the future shines bright, sparkles in the darkness of night when I put my hands up, and pour all of my feeling to my Creator. Our Creator.

Then I feel calmer and firm with my choice.

Thank you for the silent treatment. I ought that as an act of love. 

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